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What is a fractograf?

Broadly defined as a photograph with added dimensions, a fractograf is a digital, social object containing multiple images, known as fraxels, similar to how a standard photograph is composed of numerous pixels. To create a fractograf, you select a cover image and “flick” in up to one thousand images. Within seconds the images are instantly color matched, creating an illusion of oneness that forges a psychological bond between the cover image, title theme and individual fraxels.

The fractografs you create can be embedded on any website and even shared to Facebook, Twitter and more.

The fractograf experience

Fractograf is a fun, exciting, and creative experience that offers the ability to house and display content within content, in a single social object, allowing the user to mix content types in a seamless way for easy viewing, engagement, and discovery.

Once inside a fractograf, users have the potential to explore and discover endless streams of content. For viewers, it’s a constant surprise package. Users can even allow friends to add their own content and fractografs creating a deeper, virtually unlimited social experience with endless opportunities to discover and explore content.

With continuous collaboration, engagement, and creation, fractografs have no limit on the story a user wants to tell.

Fractograf for brands

Creating a fractograf is a great way to engage supporters of your brand, while also promoting and advertising to that same audience. Fractografs can be fully customized and optimized for high engagement.

Embed the fractograf on your company’s website to give viewers a look into your brand. Share the fractograf on twitter as a recap for a recent event. Or, pose the fractograf on facebook to show the social buzz around a recent product launch, or fan engagement.

Using the web viewer

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